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Job Role: Social Media Marketing Officer
This is a completely voluntary position*

As the social media marketing officer, you will be working closely with several team including content, management and development to create and push out content on to our relevant social media pages and platforms. You will create content for platform such as instagram posts, facebook posts about festivals coming up, facts about Sanatan Dharma as well as contacting and reaching out to the community to promote app. This role may require travel or be available for online meetings, going on radio to the temple or even on TV. (The successful candidate will get assistant with this if required). The candidate would also need to have a passion for our dharma as well as having an open mind, despite of their own personal belief they follow. 

Duties :
– Manage social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant platforms
– Engage in social media presence creation on new and emerging social media platforms
– Create written, graphic, and video content
– Creates content that promotes audience interaction, increases audience presence on company site as well as mobile applications and encourages audience participation
– Proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content
– Communicate with Development and Content teams to further enhance both mobile app and website.  

– Have a creative mind set
– Excellent communication skills to interact with the community, teams as well as potential sponsors or partners
– Be confident and open

Ideally :
– Efficient in Adobe CC products, including After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator.
– Knowledge of push notifications
– Key event planning


Job Role: Developer
This is a completely voluntary position*

As a developer you will be working in a team, in adding new features on to the mobile application, to enhance the users experience on the application. You may occasionally be asked to perform maintenance task on the server however this would be rare.

You will be reporting to the lead developer on a weekly basis as a minimum and more frequent as the project evolves and deadlines come closer. The candidate would also need to have a passion for our dharma as well as having an open mind, despite of their own personal belief they follow. 

Work in a team with other developer/s in developing new features for the app

– Come up with new ideas and ways to implement the features
– Work on the backend API
– Report to the lead developer with progress on a daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis
– Have CAB meetings

– Access to an Apple computing device (i.e. macbook, imac, mac mini) – ideally
– Knowledge of C#, C-Sharp, Visual Studios, PHP – Essential
– Knowledge of MVVM ( Model-View-ViewModel) – Essential
– Knowledge of libraries and packages – Essential
– Have a creative mind
– Able to work in a team – Essential
– Knowledge of Microsoft and Discord and Project Management software


Job Role: Content Writer
This is a completely voluntary position*

As a content writer you will be working in a team and be responsible for either, creating and updating new and existing dharmic content to be available on the application, this could be either in English, Hindi or Gujarati, however this list is not limited and your task may vary from time to time

You will report to head of content to ensure content is correct before being uploaded on to the application. The ideal candidate would ideally need to be able to read and write at least, English and one other language this could be Hindi or Gujarati, however other Indian languages will be considered. The candidate would also need to have a passion for our dharma as well as having an open mind, despite of their own personal belief they follow.

– Report to head of content either on a daily / weekly / bi-weekly / monthly basis

– Work in team to write and update content to be added on to the application
– Keep up to date with upcoming festivals
– Assist with sending out push notifications

– Have access to a laptop or computer with internet access
– Able to read and write in English (Minimum) and one other Indian language, i.e. Hindi, Gujarati, etc…
– Work well in a team
– Have access to social media

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